Friday, 2 October 2020

Little Ginge - Diary Comics from the 90s

 Meet Little Ginge.

I always fancied having a go at doing diary comics, but felt I had nothing new or interesting to add to the world of diary comics, especially during the lock down. 
I had the idea to turn the memories I had as a child into comics. I have a huge love for nostalgia, its such a heart warming comfort.

Little Ginge was a very creative, shy, nervous and curious child and she felt like she often didn't understand things. 
Some stories are sweet memories, some are nonsense from my imagination and others are heart breaking facts of life. You'll notice I often switch from first to third person in these, inconsistently. I found when writing the stories I was reliving the memories and separating the character I've created based on a person I once was and the feelings I feel tricky to separate.

Enjoy ♥

I think the original lunchbox I had was a my Little Pony one.
The cello tape held up well, for a while. Lara looked a little melty after a few washes.
Cheese and pickle was a top sandwich filling.

We were about 8 years old. It turned out, one of my school friends knew exactly what it was and later told us it was a tampon. 
I had no idea what that was. 

Oh America. I really did love it there. I think what I actually discovered is that I love to travel and visit new places.
I mean honestly, my hair was always a mess. a curly mop of orange hair. It still is now.

I hope you enjoyed the first four, you can view upto date Little Ginge comics over on my Instagram