Friday, 26 June 2020

Sloth portraits

Since creating my comic Sloth Girl, I've enjoyed drawing people as sloths.  
I love the challenge of trying to capture the likeness of someone in a portrait. You see it in the small details, whether that's the way someone smiles, a pose they always do, their favourite outfit or how they style their hair.

Sarah, Sara, Erin & Jo
Here is a selection of portraits I have done.
I enjoy picking a colourful and striking palette based on the reference photos.

Self Portrait
This one was a self portrait. I can confirm I am currently wearing red nail varnish and a Vans tshirt.

Tom & Mark

Tom broke his fingers and Mark was very excited to receive this tshirt in the post.

I love the colour palette on this one.

Jo & Alanna

If you're interested in having a sloth portrait of your own click here for details.