Saturday, 24 September 2016

Summer Adventures in London: Part Two

On my first visit to London, I had a trip to the Science Museum and whilst there I saw a poster for an upcoming exhibition, Power Up, celebrating 40 years of gaming, 160 consoles. I had to come back for this. I love video games, in particular retro gaming.

Since I didn't mind the Mega Bus journey, I decided to book some tickets and go back.

Plus it meant I got to spend more time with Chantal (Pony Chops) and Wholefoods.
One of my other best chums Sara, had just moved down to London, everyone's leaving for London sad face, so I also got to spend sometime with her before she started her new job as a Dentist in September. Fancy.

I got the afternoon Megabus at 2.30 pm as the early bus last time played havoc with my bowels, and arrived in London around 9pm. I packed my PSP and a few games to entertain myself. 

I got into London around 9pm, some slight delays. I was super hungry as I'd eaten my packed lunch 20 minutes into my journey, so Chantal made me some tea.

Monday 1 August 2016
The weather was pretty rubbish. But it was cool beans 'cos there's loads of stuff to do in London. We headed down to The Breakfast Club for brunch.  Fry ups are up there in my top 5 favourite meals.  I'd heard good things about this place, so I had all the excites and my digestive system was ready for carb overload. But. The. Choice. Broke. Me.

Brioche bun. Halloumi. Portebello. Squash. AVOCADO. Sriracha mayo. Leafs.

Not quite a fry up, but you can't turn down sriracha mayo.

I saw this beautiful artwork outside a cafe that had closed down.

We had a wander around, then went to play indoor mini golf at a place near the Gherkin.
Obviously, we went to Whole Foods. I bought some wasabi seaweed sheets. They are like a seaweed alternative to crisps. You either love them or hate them.

Soup noodles.

Tuesday 2 August 2016
I've never been to Camden, and people always rave about it, so figured I must squash a visit in this time. Dr Sara accompanied me for the day, Chantal had to work.
The weather was rubbish again. Grey. Rain.
We found a vegan cafe that had vegetables with smiley faces on the roof, obviously we ate there for dinner (Lunch).

Look at that smiley banana, how could we resist.
They had a cracking menu, including hot and cold drinks. I recently discovered spiralized courgette, so I opted for the raw courgette spaghetti with sundried tomatoes and almond and basil pesto. The portion was more than generous, I couldn't manage it all, which is a first for me.
I also had a chai latte. Soy of course.

Om a nom nom.
We spent the afternoon wandering around Camden. We ended up at a gin making place, totally forgot the name, but will link it once I remember. We had a sample of some special concoctions the chap had made, one being pickled onion flavoured gin at 70%. Holy smokes it blew my face right off, it felt like I'd eaten 20 packs of pickled onion monster munch. Intense.
We popped into Urban Outfitters, and found a photobooth. It wasn't until the third photo that I realised where the camera was located. 

We thought you got to chose your photos. You don't, so make sure you look at the camera.
We went to Wahaca for tea. Chantal joined us. I love Mexican food, and had never eaten here before. Excitement.
Plantain, coleslaw, cactus taco, plantain taco and some sort of quesadilla.
It was awesome, I wish there was one near me up north.

There seems to be a reoccurring theme of food.

Wednesday 3 August 2016
I took Dr Sara to Kensington High Street Whole foods, as she had never been. We spent about three hours there.
Then we popped down to the Science Museum for the Power Up Exhibition.
It was very busy.

It was mega fun. So many consoles to play on. Old and new.

After the exhibition we had a trip down to Soho. We are both a big fans of Korean food, so we had our tea at Bibimbap Soho.

Kimchi, kimchi pancakes and tofu bibimbap.
Soooo good. So so good.
It also happened to be the premier of Suicide Squad, we went by on the way back, Sara got a photo with Poppy Delevigne. We missed the Fresh Prince.

Thursday 4 August 2016
Today was my last day in London. We had a visit to Spitalfields city farm. I touched all the animals.

Look at the toofs on that guy!
The chickens are all rescues ♥

For dinner we popped down to The Mae Deli. We had a little wait for a table, but totally worth it.

Mae bowl of goodness.
And that was the end of my trip. I got the 6.30pm mega bus back to Preston.
I had such a lovely time again, and can't wait for my next visit.

♥   Me, Sara and Chantal ♥
Miss you guys!
   ♥          ♥          ♥          ♥