Saturday, 17 September 2016

Summer Adventures in London. Part One.

Back in June, I had a spontaneous trip to London for 8 days to visit my BFF Chantal (PonyChops).
She moved down to London three years ago to study Footwear Design at LCF, it's been rubbish being so far apart, so I was very excited to see her and the sights of London.

Wednesday 22 June 2016
To make the most of my trip, I got the 5.30 am Megabus to London, from Preston and arrived at Victoria Coach station around 11.30 am. I'm used to bus journeys, so I didn't mind the 6 hour trek, plus I managed to get a return for just under £20. Bargain.

A nice view of that river that's on the Eastenders intro. Some boats and the wheel of fortune.
Typical British summer weather.

I tried frozen yogurt for the first time, delicious.
We had a visit at the Hunterian Museum which was fascinating. Bits of body parts and stuff in jars, not for the faint hearted.

Thursday 23 June 2016
Chantal took me to Wholefoods. HOLY GUACAMOLE. It was love at first sight. Such variety. Such health. 

Les Legumes.

 We snacked on salad bar then headed to the theater to see the musical Sunny Afternoon, which was awesome!
 We then had a wander down Carnaby street.

Friday 24 June 2016
Another indulgent day of food. We started the day with a trip to Borough Market. Look at the variety of mushrooms!!

Chantal and I and some fungi.

I love vegetables, so I had lots of fun looking at all the beautiful displays. It took me forever to decide on what to eat, in the end I settled for a curry box that contained coriander rice, three delicious curries and a topping of fresh onion and coriander. It was soo tasty, I washed it down with a pear, apple and ginger juice. Juices are everywhere in London!


We were pretty knackered from the previous days exploring, so we headed home in the afternoon.

We prepared what I call a 'buffet tea', Chantal called it 'Tapas' because she is fancy now she lives in London.
We had a selection of curly fries, couscous, falafel, greek salad, olive bread, plantain crisps and my left over curry from dinner time.

Up north we call dinner time, tea time and lunch time we call dinner.

Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June 2016
We booked into Lady Dinahs cat cafe  I was super excited for this, Chantal too.
I wasn't sure what to expect as I'd never been to a cafe quite like this before.
There were rules to follow such as don't wake up the cats if they are sleeping or pick them up. They were pretty happy just wandering about and seemed pretty chill. Most of the cats are available for adoption, which is excellent.
I had a salted caramel soy latte and a brie and sundried tomato croissant. Chantal had a bagel of some sort and a tea.

Food. Cat. Cat.

After stuffing our faces and petting cats, we had a wander down to Box Park. Lots of nice shops. we got ourselves a bubble tea, as we LOVE bubble tea. 

BREXIT was happening whilst I was visiting.
Mango bubble tea with tapioca pearls. 

We rested on Sunday as it had been a pretty busy week so far, and we'd done lots of walking.
In the eve we headed down to the local for the pub quiz, on the way I spotted this awesome garden.

Godzilla and Tigger there just chilllin' ontop of that well.

We came third in the pub quiz :)

Monday 27 June 2016
I'm a big fan of Deliciously Ella, I have both her cookbooks and the app. I love the recipes, and how simple they are to make. Obviously we had to squash in a visit to the Mae Deli, since this trip has been centered around food. We went for breakfast at around 9am, it was pretty quiet so we didn't need to queue for a table. I've heard it gets crazy busy around dinner (lunch) time.


I got the smashed avo on toast (with salmon) and a matcha latte. Chantal had a green mega smoothie and pancakes with some stuff on. Incredibly delicious.
I spent the rest of the day wandering around London. I spent forever in Paperchase, naturally.

I saw this in a shop, can't remember which one there are so many in London.
I stumbled across the Lush store on Oxford street. Three floors of heaven. I had no idea where to start. Whilst looking at the perfumes, I got chatting to one of the store assistants, Eloise. She was so lovely and spent three hours showing me around the store. 
I got lots of treats and Eloise was so kind she popped a free massage bar in my bag.(Thank you!)

Beautiful display in the Lush Oxford Street store.

Tuesday 28 June
Tuesday museum day! I was so excited to go to the science museum.

Top left is my nineties childhood. I love Windows 95.
The piece of rock in the bottom middle photo is actually a piece of the Moon. Yeah I got pretty excited about this. Unfortunately this is as close as I'll ever got to the Moon.
There was loads of cool stuff. I spent three hours wandering around. Literally in my element.
I then headed over to the Natural History museum. DINOSAURS.

I went into the butterfly house. Turns out I don't like butterflies flying at my face, so I snapped a few pics then ran for the exit.
They have some nice bits of rocks. 
I walked a total of 13 miles. The lovely chap at Pret gave me a free coffee (chai soy latte).I probably looked as exhausted as I felt.

Wednesday 29 June
Wednesday was my last day in London :( I squashed one last trip to Wholefoods in. I got pea and lemongrass soup. I then went down to CassArt and got some art supplies, said my goodbyes and got the 6.30pm Megabus back to Preston.

I bought some new watercolour brushes, two watercolour pans and an A4 Leuchtturm sketchbook.

I had such an awesome time, on the journey home I planned my next trip.

I slept most of Thursday.

I got my niece, Lila, a t-rex rattle. I think she approved. She takes it everywhere with her.


♥     ♥     ♥

Whilst I was visiting we watched Night at the Roxbury. I love Will Ferrel, my favourite film is Stepbrothers, I've watched it a million times. I could not believe I had never seen or heard of this movie. I highly recommend it, especially if you love the 90s.

Here is a clip for your enjoyment.

♥          ♥          ♥          ♥