Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Cosmic Wednesdays: Moth Life Cycle Nesting Dolls

Moths are abit strange. Those little ones are always flying in my room at night and bumping into everything leaving their silver dust everywhere. But they can't help it, so I leave them too it.
The moth life cycle is fascinating, how they change from one form to another is so intriguing. I thought it would visually make a nice set of nesting dolls, especially how one doll sits inside the other.

Back view showing the wing detail.

Moth :  4 1/2 inch / 12cm
Young Moth :  3 inch / 8cm
Pupae : 2 1/2 inch / 6cm
Caterpillar : 1 3/4 inch / 4cm
Egg : 1 1/4 inch / 3 cm

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