Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Halloween is my favourite time of the year.
Here are some illustrations and items I made back in 2015.

Zombie Sloth nesting dolls
2015 // Acrylic

Zombie Sloth Plush
2015 // Mixed materials

Halloween Nesting Dolls
2015 // Acrylic

Horror Print
2015 // Hand drawn, digitally coloured

Zombie Brains Plaque
2015 // Acrylic on MDF

These items are currently not available for purchase.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Sloth Girl

Sloth Girl isn't just a comic. It's a journey, a journey I have been on and most likely you have too. Sloth Girl is me, you or anyone that has ever felt like they have no idea who they are or what they are doing. 
She's the girl who is bullied, mocked, scared, lost, ignored, and lacks self esteem. It's not all doom and gloom though. Everyone has a little fight in them. It's always possible to come back stronger and fight your demons, whatever they may be.

Somehow, by some miracle, I managed to complete Sloth Girl in time for Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds. This years festival took place on the 23rd and 24th September, a deadline I was confident I'd be able to achieve, until I suddenly moved to London at the end of July. This move wasn't planned, it was an opportunity too good to turn away. It was definitely a challenge, moving away from home, starting a new full time job, settling into a new home and illustrating a comic. But I managed, and pleased with the end result. I learned so much doing this project and I'm excited to make another, once I've caught up on sleep.

Front and back cover.

Sloth Girl
One girl's journey to self discovery.
An empowering story of facing your fears, conquering challenges and self belief, for those who sometimes feel a little lost.

A preview of the artwork inside,
To accompany the comic, I wanted some artwork to go with it, so I had some prints made of two watercolour illustrations I did.

To snap up a copy of Sloth Girl, you can do so HERE

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Sloth Girl: Work in Progress ♥

I've always wanted to write and illustrate my own comic.  For a few years I've had an idea that I have been slowly working on.  There's odd sketches in many of my sketchbooks, but nothing felt right.
So I took a break from it for a while.
Recently, I picked up this idea again and began working on it. Ideas were flowing and I was liking what I was coming up with. I managed to get a story written and have begun developing my characters. Yey!
So I've given myself a deadline to have this complete. I'll be updating this post with my development/ work in progress.

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Meet the Artist.

A 'meet the artist' illustration.

Sloth Portraits

A few sloth portraits I have done.
Libby  ♥

Wensdi ♥

Wildlife Illustration

Below are a few watercolour illustrations I have recently done of animals. I enjoy painting animals, in particular birds.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Cosmic Wednesdays: Sarah's Guide to Pregnancy

I recently became an auntie! Auntie Ginge! My sister gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Lila, back in February.  I've never really been around babies before, I had never even held one, so this was strange, I suddenly felt like I had responsibilities, and the craziness that my sister was now a mum.

In January I organised a baby shower for my sister, we went to Happy Bunnies in Longton for afternoon tea. It was delicious.
I made some decorations for the tables, and a 'Sarah's Guide to Pregnancy' for everyone to take home.
The decorations were illustrations of my sister pregnant, that I made to stand up on the table.
I also made prints of them and put them in little Ikea frames as a gift.

Totally true, she did cry.

This is the guide I made, a two fold leaflet. 

I asked her for advice she would give to other people that are pregnant, these are the actual things she said to me. I included a little growth chart on the back. Science.

I loved doing this, I've always liked making leaflets and stationery. When I was at Uni, I made one on Mark Wallinger, an artist who was entered for the Turner Prize, or maybe he won, I'm not sure. I'll do a post on it if I can find it as I included a picture of Dennis Hopper ♥